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我司承办海上、空运、陆路国际货运代理、报关代理、报检代理、国际快递业务。下属共设五个大部(海运部、空运快件部、单证部、财务部、董事长室)。公司拥有年轻化、知识化、专业化的员工队伍,配有与此相适应的计算机网络操作系统和现代化通迅设施。凭借良好的企业信誉、全新的经营理念和持续增强的经营业绩赢得了广大客户的信赖,从而在宁波国际货运代理市场上占据一席之地。公司将继续秉承“勤奋、诚信、团结、创新”的企业精神,坚持“满意源自用心”的服务理念,竭诚为广大客户提供优良的服务。我司给每位员工提供养老保险、失业保险、工伤保险、医疗保险、生育保险及住房公积金。 我司致力于打造中国较大、较专业的进出口报关代理、进出口报检代理、国内路上货运代理企业,拥有庞大的服务网点,企业高覆盖、高能率的服务获得多家公司和机构的认可,将以较专业的精神为您提供安全、经济、专业的服务。企业加工设备先进,检测手段完善,建有完整的质量保证体系,及时引进投入大批先进生产设备,为确保产品的技术水准和质量的稳定提高,奠定了坚实的基础,企业人才结构合理,荟萃行业精英。现有一支能为客户快速提供商品与服务的员工团队而且我们建立了一支效率较好、服务较好的营销队伍。
Special container service

Reefer container :
The major items of food: meat, fish, aquatic products, biscuits, chocolate.
Reefer container setup requirements, the temperature for pre-cooling, the need to do fitness inspection (CWI), the ventilation (need to be opened or closed), free detention period, free demurrage at dock.

Flat Rack container :
Mostly apply for loading over-long, over-wide, or over-weight large equipment and high density (super-heavy) cargo.
Characteristics of this container is no ceiling and side walls, end walls and even floors and also removed and only the four corner posts of container. Such containers can be attached to and detached from the front, left and top. Also Bench container is not waterproof, fear of wet goods cannot be shipped. Whenever certain to be shipped, only covered with canvas, sealed. Confirm weight of the goods before shipment, size, handling requirements, the loading and unloading requirements, land feasibility process, for accurate accounting of costs. Generally, it suitable for over-size pieces and heavy items, such as heavy machinery, steel, wood and steel ingots.

Open Top container :
The main loading machinery products: machinery and equipment, metal pipes, glass products, not applicable to manual loading/unloading cargo.
Characteristics of this kind of container is the top plate can be easily removed and installed. There are two kinds of the top plate which are hard top and soft top, the hardtop made of thin steel, soft top general cover with canvas, plastic sheeting or plastic coated cloth. As long as roll up the canvas, the top is opened. Such goods generally require the lifting machinery for loading and unloading operations, cranes hanging from the top of the cargo into the box easily damaged goods, but also facilitate in the box fixed. Similarly shipper have to confirm the weight, size, handling requirements, the owner requirements.

Hanging Garment container :
Mainly loaded high-end clothing.
Since the high-end clothing cannot be pressed, the special request must indicate when making a booking for hanging clothes.
We establish long-term friendly cooperative relations with a number of special equipment providers, such as CHINA SHIPPING, HYUNDAI, APL, WANHAI, EVERGREEN, ZIM and OOCL...etc. Meanwhile, we also have a lot of 20' 40' frozen (with generators) and high-powered trailer carrying these particular merchandises. Ensure that we provide a more professional, safety, efficient special equipment services to the customers.

Special equipment, itself is not that much carrier in operation, market demand is also smaller. The handling and operating is full of difficulties, and more than complicated. The whole theory containing various conceptual elements applying multiple factors to achieve. All the information must to be confirmed before undertaking. Customers will get a firm offer according to their detailed information, provide the good resolution pictures is also the best.
CMA 5月价格
TINCAN 2790/3265
TEMA 1665/1965
DAKAR 1840/2815
LUANDA 1315/1715

雄厚的港口服务网络:在港口设有固定的堆场和车队,能随时解决遇到的问题,最大限度地为客户排忧解难。并可在堆场 、码头可以根据要求采取监装,随时解决现场问题,也可根据客户要求进行装箱监理等进出口现场代理服务。

四. 协调并代理相关服务:海关手续、货物检验检疫、产品分拨加工直至进出口代理服务,如熏蒸、加固、托盘、特种加工或灌装,也可根据客户要求实行港口刷印贴置唛头、分拨装运等港口现场服务内容,亦可根据客户要求协助制作单证和代办进出口结汇付汇等手续。
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